Tax Advisor Contract (Corporate/Individual)


Tax Advisor Contract

We provide comprehensive support for accounting and tax-related services, including consultation on daily accounting procedures, analysis of monthly financial statements, year-end closing, and preparation of tax returns.
1) Consultation on daily accounting procedures
2) Analysis of monthly financial statements
3) Cash flow analysis
4) Tax return preparation and filing
5) Attendance at Tax Agency’s tax audit
*We will tailor the details of our service based on our clients situation and needs.

Annual Closing & Tax Returns


Annual Closing
& Tax Returns

On an annual basis, we will review the accounting data, propose corrections as necessary, close the book and complete the process with the preparation and the filing of tax returns.
1) Review the accounting data and close the book
2) Tax return preparation and filing

New Business Set up (Corporate/Individual)


New Business Set up

We provide support for corporate and individual clients setting up new businesses in Japan.
1) Preparation for tax related set-up documents for tax offices
2) Support for setting up accounting system, and payroll system
3) Support for opening a bank account
4) Support for the preparation of a business plan to gain funding from investors and/or lenders

Inheritance Tax & Gift Tax


Inheritance Tax
& Gift Tax

1) Preparation of inheritance tax returns
2) Preparation of gift tax returns
3) Tax Planning support for inheritance and gift tax in Japan

Accounting Support Accounting Support


Accounting Support

We provide bookkeeping services and supports for enabling in-house accounting for corporate and individual clients.
1) Bookkeeping
2) Support for enabling in-house execution of accounting operations
3) Support for setting up an accounting system
4) Participation to job interviews as an interviewer to assess competence of applicants

Payroll Service & Year-end Adjustments


Payroll Service &
Year-end Adjustments

1) Payroll calculation
2) Bonus calculation
3) Retirement allowance calculation
4) Gross-up payroll calculation
5) Year-end adjustments
6) Preparation of legally required documents for the withheld taxes